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Zen and the Art of Making Things Easy to Use or, one man's mission to make the information age work for us, not against us

My Goal

I'm working towards a world in which all interfaces excite, rather than intimidate; a world in which we can experience the information age as a utopia rather than a burden.

My Method

My method is simple — draw the audience in with a story that resonates and never make them wonder what to do next.

Naturally, that's easier said than done. Cutting something out of a design often takes ten times the consideration as putting something in. Interactive projects, especially those with many stakeholders (such as the departments in a large company), will tend toward feature creep and visual clutter.

To overcome this, a designer must perfect the balancing act of seeing through the untrained eyes of the user while simultaneously problem solving with the trained mind of an engineer, and presenting the solution with the pitch perfection of an expert salesman. Everything that does not help a user towards their goal must be ruthlesslessly cut. This has always been key to good interactive work, but as we approach an era of perpetual information overload, it becomes absolutely essential for a product's survival. I can do this for you.

My Pledge

I will take the time to learn about your business, your customers, and the customers you’d like to have. I want your business to grow, and will work hard to make sure your digital presence thrives.

What's With The Selfless Naiveté?

Selfless? Not really, it’s just good business sense. When design is well executed, your business prospers. As your business grows, so do your design needs. When we're launching a product, I will already be doing discovery work on improvements for the next cycle.

Simply put, long term client relationships are mutually beneficial. When you are an established client I have already spent the time to understand your needs and adapt to your working style. This cuts down lead-in time on new work, and streamlines the execution of new projects. It's a win / win.