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  • – Homepage – Homepage image

    My redesign of the homepage retained the same basic features as the old one, but simplified it to a two column structure, with the main column featuring a chronological content feed with some hand selected promo slots and the sidebar providing space for advertising and promotional widgets driven by the editorial team.

  • - AtomTV - AtomTV image

    The AtomTV page is the online repository of the AtomTV episodes aired on Comedy Central's TV channel. I kept the page clean and simple with the emphasis on the large video player.

  • – BK Choose Your Own Adventure – BK Choose Your Own Adventure image

    We would often do cross-promotion with large brands, wherein some of the popular content producers for the site would create co-branded shorts. Here is a sample of a cross promotion page with Burger King featuring a steampunk themed choose your own adventure branching video module.

  • – The Deepening Custom Player – The Deepening Custom Player image

    The landing page format also proved useful when featuring custom internal content from featured content creators on the site that merited or required something other than our standard content view page. This is a custom page I designed to feature the interactive short The Deepening by The Duncan Brothers.

  • – Happy Tree Friends Channel – Happy Tree Friends Channel image

    One of my biggest initiatives in terms of site architecture was to build a template that would allow for easy consumption of an entire show or themed collection of content on a single page without having to click back and forth between a list of links and a video player page. This sample shows the template populated by content from the series Happy Tree Friends.

  • – Legend of Neil Channel – Legend of Neil Channel image

    It was crucial to provide a lean back, but also heavily branded viewing experience. I solved this by designing a template system that could be completely reskinned with only two images and a handful of color codes. This is the same template featuring The Legend of Neil.

  • – Legend of Neil Poster – Legend of Neil Poster image

    Ocassionally, I would create print collatoral to supplement a featured online series. Here is a Last Supper parody poster I created to promote The Legend of Neil's 3rd and final season at ComicCon.


About This Project




Project (formerly AtomFilms) is one of the oldest video brands on the web. They were acquired by Viacom to create an incubator for viral comedy shorts to supplement MTV's Comedy Central brand in the online space. During my tenure as design lead for the Atom team, I was able to tweak, and in many cases completely redesign (within the limitations of the existing platform) almost every page on a large high-traffic, community oriented site. Among the initiatives that I spearheaded the design of was a branded custom playlist channel player (replacing the old list-of-links video collection format), launching a weekly online user-submission tournament, and gamifying social aspects of the site through honor badges and rewards.


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