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  • JibJab – Homepage

    JibJab – Homepage image

    The JibJab Homepage was simplified to a single large promo module for new or seasonal content and three color coded submodules, one each for promotion of the premium eCard service, their original animations, and their quick share (everyday fun) free content for social network and viral sharing. The red, blue, green color coding carried through the site headers during browsing.

  • JibJab – Content Browsing

    JibJab – Content Browsing image

    The main content browsing experience centered around a simple category list, a paginated thumbnail viewer with icons ot distinguish video from static eCards, and a popup modal previewer.

  • JibJab – Modal Preview

    JibJab – Modal Preview image

    The eCard modal previewer made it quick and easy to preview content at a larger size and view videos without disrupting the user's search for the perfect eCard to send.

  • JibJab – Content View Page

    JibJab – Content View Page image

    When a custom eCard was personalized, the user was taken to the content viewing page, where they could view it larger and send it to friends, get it printed on merchandise, or save it to their account for later sending.

  • JibJab – Modal Login

    JibJab – Modal Login image

    Most other site functions were handled in modal popups such as this login modal with a clean, friendly style and inline error messaging.


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Jib Jab Media


Jib Jab Main Site & Mini-Sites

JibJab Media, one of the oldest and most famous online animation studios, had been branching out into the personalized eCard space featuring their "STARRING YOU!" technology, which allowed users to cut out a face from a photograph and use it to place themselves into professionally designed eCards, including rendered videos. They had a solid product, but needed help desigining a solid browsing experience around their content. They brought me in to help polish the overall user experience and streamline their existing design.


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