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  • So. Cal. Honda – Landing Page

    So. Cal. Honda – Landing Page image

    The landing page is simple as can be, some copy and a single input for the user's zip code.

  • So. Cal. Honda - Sign Up Step 1

    So. Cal. Honda - Sign Up Step 1 image

    A list of links drove users interested in a specific model to a special offer for the selected car, while a brief contact form captured unsure buyers interested in the brand but requiring guidance on models.

  • So. Cal. Honda – Sign Up Step 2

    So. Cal. Honda – Sign Up Step 2 image

    This page captured the most qualified leads (those interested in a specific honda model) and sent their information to one of the three closest dealers, based on their zip code, for follow up.


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Siltanen & Partners


So. Cal. Honda Pitch

Siltanen and Partners, an innovative Ad Agency in Marina del Ray needed an interactive component for their pitch to the Southern California Honda advertising account. I was brought in to create an interface for a promotional mini-site, and several print ad concepts. The overall campaign centered around the rising price of gas and the fuel efficiency of Honda vehicles. The target demographic was the working adult with a family.

For the mini-site, useability was key. Leads would arrive from a banner ad, and needed to be converted within three steps from the landing page (the fewer clicks the better, naturally). The landing page itself is split between a simple car promo selector which uses the cars themselves as visual cues (someone interested in buying a car usually envisions the style of car they want while they’re in the market) on the left. On the right there is a single step contact form for undecided shoppers. Once a promotion is selected, the user gets full details of the offer and another simple form which will provid a qualified lead (in this case, a user interested in a specific Honda model) to one of the three dealership locations closest to that user.


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