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  • Stuart Ng Books – Homepage

    Stuart Ng Books – Homepage image

    The homepage is driven by a simple content management section on the backend, allowing for quick and easy posting of new promo images, featured products, and event announcements without having to manually edit the page.

  • Stuart Ng Books – Product Listing

    Stuart Ng Books – Product Listing image

    Product browsing is dramatically improved by the addition of a popover shopping cart, product stock notifications, and several view types including standard list with short description, a condensed list view with titles only, and a gallery view with big, juicy thumbnails.

  • Stuart Ng Books – Checkout

    Stuart Ng Books – Checkout image

    A simple single page checkout system ensures users always know where they are in the process and provides at-a-glance info on the information they've already filled in to ensure quick and accurate order processing.


About This Project



Stuart Ng


Stuart Ng Books

Stuart Ng Books is one of the most recognizable names in the art and animation bookselling niche. He had a problem though, the user experience of his existing website was losing him business. It was a convoluted process involving manually recording product codes, filling out an online form, and then following up with a phone call to receive and process credit card info. When Stuart asked me for a solution, I knew we could improve the experience greatly.

The solution presented above was implemented single-handedly from platform research, installation and database migration to interface design and implementation. The new site is a great improvement on the old one by providing a standardized set of styles and widgets for front page promotions, adding an omnipresent shopping cart to the browsing experience, implementing a number of automated payment solutions, and finally allowing for a standardized order tracking system with status updates to increase the productivity of the store's staff.


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