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  • SVDPLA – Homepage

    SVDPLA – Homepage image

    The Homepage is centered completely around the three main calls to action for those who are coming to the site mainly to donate, volunteer at one of their sites, or seeking one of the society's social services. The secondary navigation is design for users that are seeking more information.

  • SVDPLA - Content Page

    SVDPLA - Content Page image

    Here is a sample content template. The content management system allows for quick and easy updating of informational pages on the site.

  • SVDPLA – Car Donation Form

    SVDPLA – Car Donation Form image

    Custom forms are also possible. This one provides a straighforward car donation process, allowing the organization to promote tax benefits in their advertising campaigns and drive traffic to the website for conversion.


About This Project



The Society of St. Vincent De Paul


The St. Vincent de Paul, Council of Los Angeles website was in dire need of a redesign. The previous site was a patchwork quilt of various sections that had been added on with a variety of navigation and graphic styles. This redesign brought a cohesive style and simplified organization to the site, as well as a full featured content mangement system. The two main goals were to allow users to quickly learn more abou the organization and easily volunteer or donate to it.


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