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  • VideoInbox – Tagging Concept

    VideoInbox – Tagging Concept image

    One of our early concepts involved a very granular tagging system that would allow users to pick out individual items in each piece of content and search that data using a token-based search bar.

  • VideoInbox – Full Screen Concept

    VideoInbox – Full Screen Concept image

    Another concept focused on an immersive, lean-back viewing experience. This concept centered around a full-page, fluid video player with minimal controls up front. Unless the user accessed the control panel to change channels, the video player would keep feeding them videos based on past viewing habits and taste as measured by the thumbs up/down history.

  • VideoInbox – Full Screen Navigation

    VideoInbox – Full Screen Navigation image

    Most controls for the full screen player, including playlists, channel changing, and search would exist in a modal overlay, similar to the functionality of a cable set-top box.

  • VideoInbox – Top 5 Player

    VideoInbox – Top 5 Player image

    The top 5 prototype concept that launched initally at was a hand-curated daily top 5 humorous video site with plans to branch into other categories with additional sites using this template if the concept panned out.


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VideoInbox was a video platform project I worked on with the Slide division at Google. The original concept centered around a pandora-like video taste engine, but we explored many different ideas from lean-forward granular search to lean-back 10-foot style interfaces with automated taste tracking.

Ultimately, the product launched as a Top 5 video site optimized for easy consumption and repeat daily traffic (during lunch breaks and such ala as well as rapid sharing to drive viral content.


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